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Researcha Over the past 10 years, Círculo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center (CDV) has been a community research partner with the University of California, San Francisco. The goal of this collaboration has been to increase community capacity to provide evidence-based cancer psychosocial health services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for Spanish-speaking Latinos. During the past five years, the research partners completed two research studies, produced two scientific publications, published a technical assistance manual for community-based organizations on peer support programs for Latinas with breast cancer, evaluated CDV’s services, and trained a cadre of Latina cancer survivors as peer support counselors.

Research support provided by National Cancer Institute grant number U01-CA86117 and California Breast Cancer Research Program of the University of California grant numbers 11AB-1600, 15BB-1300, and 15BB-1301.

Peer-Reviewed Publications
1. Nápoles-Springer AM, Ortiz C, O’Brien H, Diaz-Mendez M, Pérez-Stable EJ. Use of cancer support groups among Latina breast cancer survivors. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 2007; 1:193-204.

2. Nápoles-Springer AM, Ortiz C, O’Brien H, Diaz-Mendez M.
Developing a culturally competent peer support intervention for Spanish-speaking Latinas with breast cancer. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 2009; 11(4):268-280.

3. Nápoles AM, Ortiz C, O’Brien H, Sereno A, Kaplan C.
Coping Resources and Self-Rated Health among Latina Breast Cancer Survivors. Oncol Nurs Forum, 2011 Sep; 38(5):523-31.

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