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Clinicala "When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt awful, anxious. I wanted to meet other women who had lived or were living through the same thing. I wanted to know their experiences, and at the same time, I wanted them to tell me how they got through difficult moments." - Maria Rios

Círculo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center’s clinical model is based on a culturally competent cognitive behavioral approach infused with values reflective of Latinos, such as familismo (the importance of the family unit), personalismo (the importance of warm, interpersonal relationships), and one-to-one relationship building to develop confianza (trust). The approach involves mental and behavioral techniques that improve Latinos’ self-efficacy, optimistic outlook, perceptions of social support, and adaptive coping strategies.

Clinicalb Program goals are to improve the quality of life for Latinos with cancer and their families; assist Latinos and their families in developing coping skills that will serve them through the various stages of their illness; assist newly diagnosed Latinos with understanding the specificity of their diagnosis, assist terminally ill mothers to make adequate preparations for their children following their death; and assist Latinos in becoming more active participants in their health care.

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