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Developmentb Círculo de Vida’s development and training program was created as a direct response to community requests for assistance in developing Spanish-language support groups and one-to-to peer support programs for Latinas living with cancer.
CDV’s model is based on several factors:
• Integrates cultural factors such as familismo (the importance of the family unit) and personalismo (the importance of warm interpersonal relationships).
• One-on-one relationship building is critical in the development of confianza (trust).
• Cancer support is best provided by someone with a personal history of cancer.
• Early intervention is crucial (the provision of support at the time of diagnosis or shortly thereafter).
• Continuous one-on-one outreach including making initial contact with patients rather than waiting for patients to contact CDV.
• Provides family support to help loved ones understand their own reactions.
• A social component which involves sharing meals and time for clients to get to know each other before they discuss cancer issues.
• A strong partnership with the hospital and/or clinic where the majority of Latinos are diagnosed and treated is critical.

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