Círculo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center

Welcome to Círculo de Vida

A community for Latinos with Cancer

Index A "Círculo de Vida has provided a family where I can express my fears and anxieties, and receive understanding, love and solidarity."
— Maricela Navarrete

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for anyone, but Latinos face numerous issues that too often are not addressed in traditional approaches to cancer support and care. These issues include poverty, culture and language barriers to accessing information, and lack of health insurance.

Indexpixb The program has a 20-year history of providing a variety of support programs to Latinos living with cancer. The program also provides professional therapy individually and in a group setting to help children and teens — many already at risk due to language and socioeconomic barriers — cope with the confusion, fear and stress caused by parental illness. Therapists also offer case management for children, teens and parents, as well as conduct home and hospital visits.

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